Professional scar treatment

Because every scar needs care
C section scars Our products
  • Reduces itching and pain

  • Scar becomes more flexible, flatter and less red

  • Scar formation is minimized

About Scarban

The more severe the wound, the greater the chance of a scar (small or large). Take action: prevent or limit scarring as much as possible. This is exactly what Scarban medical silicone sheets and silicone gel do.

The scar-reducing effects of silicone are scientifically supported. Which is why the use of medical silicone sheets and gel has become the preferred therapy in professional scar treatment.

Scarban products are used for normal scars, burns and surgery scars. For instance a c section scar.

More about Scarban

How silicone therapy works

How does silicone therapy works?

A scar loses more moisture than the healthy, surrounding skin. The body responds to this by sending stimulating healing factors to the scar tissue, allowing more connective tissue to be created. This can cause hypertrophic or keloid scars.

Covering the scar with a silicone sheet or gel reduces moisture loss to the same level as the surrounding skin. In response, the body stops making scar tissue. The result:

  • Your scar will become flatter and less red
  • The skin becomes more supple (less skin tension)
  • Scarring is minimized

Customer reviews

Easy to use. The first set has now been in use for 5 weeks and the adhesive strength is still good.


I had such an ugly, tight, red scar that the plastic surgeon had to open it again to get it right. The plastic surgeon gave me Scarban plasters and the scar is now fine!


It works good. The feeling in my skin is recovering. My scar looks much better, my skin color has changed. I see the progress and so do others.


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