About Scarban

The Scarban range offers a selection of high-quality products designed for effective scar treatment. Utilizing proven technology, Scarban is effective in treating hypertrophic and keloid scars , as well as preventing abnormal scar formation following surgery or injury.

Products for a 'skin in distress'

Using Scarban products will alleviate

  • itching and pain
  • improving the flexibility, flatness, and redness of the scar.
  • Scarban minimizes scar formation for optimal results.

Scientifically proven

Therapeutic benefits of silicone for scar reduction have been scientifically proven, which has made the use of medical silicone sheets the preferred method in professional scar treatment. Our silicone sheets come highly recommended by scar-care professionals.


Treatment of scars with Scarban

When using Scarban products for scar treatment, you can expect to see quick results. Itching and pain will be alleviated or eliminated within a few days, while visible improvements will appear within 2-4 months.

Over time, the scar will become more flexible, flatter, and less red. Scar formation will also be minimized and reduced.

C section recovery kit 01 540 x 360

About Espère Healthcare

Espère Healthcare Ltd has been identifying, sourcing and providing innovative solutions for the management of damaged skin in the UK since 2004.

The skin is the largest and some say most complex organ in the human body and it acts as a barrier between ourselves and the outside world. As such, any breakdown in the barrier for whatever reason can have a devastating effect on our quality of life and this has been our focus of expertise over the years.

We have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and Medical Device fields and a wealth of understanding surrounding dozens of individual diseases of the skin. All the products that we supply have a documented evidence base meaning that their efficacy has been independently verified by clinicians around the world and this is reflected by the Quality certification marks that they all bear.

Espère supplies these products to the NHS, to Private Professionals such as Podiatrists and Physiotherapists and, where appropriate, directly to members of the public and their families for home use. We actively contribute in medical education to ensure clinicians are kept up to date with modern thinking and our levels of customer service aim to ensure that products are delivered to the point of need punctually and in as ecologically sound condition as possible.