If you have given birth by Caesarian Section, either by choice or as a result of medical necessity, the resulting abdominal wound will leave a scar after it heals. Scarban C-Section silicone sheets are designed to help the healing process and ensure that scar formation is minimised.

Let us help you speed up your recovery so you can feel better about yourself and enjoy the exciting times ahead with your family.

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How Does Scarban C-Section Silicone Work?

Scarban C-Section silicone sheets care for your scar. Simply put, Scarban reduces moisture loss from the scar. Your body stops its ‘panic’ reaction and the scar ‘relaxes’. Early application of Scarban C-Section supports fast recovery of the scar and helps prevent abnormal (hypertrophic or keloid) scarring.
The Recovery Kit contains all you need for 6-8 weeks of treatment in your own home. We are here to support you.

Scarban Supports Scar Recovery

It is not possible to predict whether or when your body may develop an abnormal (hypertrophic or keloid) scar. This depends on several factors. However, as explained earlier, one of the most important causes is excessive moisture loss from within the scar.
Something you can help prevent by taking the right measures, the Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit is designed to work with you to minimise these risks.


What is Scarban

What is the Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit

The Scarban® C-Section Recovery Kit has been specially designed for long term use. Included is a 100% medical grade silicone sheet and a washing solution to help keep the sheet clean to keep it effective.

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

Scarban reduces symptoms such as itching, pain and redness. Silicone therapy is the Gold Standard in The International Scar Management guidelines.

Professional Use

Recommended by Specialists

We work very closely with specialists to aid your recovery. We highly recommend reaching out to your local Scar Therapist or new parent physio specialist for further advice and treatments to help you feel like you again.

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You can buy the Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit through your local Scar Therapist if available, alternatively you can buy direct through Espere Healthcare Ltd

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Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit

  • KELOID & HYPERTROPHIC SCARS: Treats and reduces redness + discomfort associated with this scar type
  • HYDRATING: Silicone sheet hydrates + protect scars to help improve their look and feel
  • WATERPROOF: Silicone sheet can be worn while bathing or swimming
  • C-SECTION SIZED: The patch is specifically design for the cesarean section

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