Instruction for use


  • For optimal results, preferably start Scarban silicone therapy immediately after
    the wound has healed closed.
  • It is recommended that Scarban silicone therapy be built up during the first
    week to a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 hours per day. This build-up
    serves to gradually accustom the skin to silicone.
  • For best results, it is preferable to wear silicone sheets for a minimum of 12 to
    a maximum of 20 hours per day.
  • If necessary, the Scarban silicone sheet can be cut to size (Fig. 1) .
  • Ensure that the area 2 cm around the scar is covered with the silicone sheet.
  • For good adhesion and durability of the silicone sheet it is advisable to remove
    any hair from the scar site.
  • Clean and dry the skin thoroughly before applying the silicone sheet to the scar
    and the immediate, surrounding area (Fig. 2).
  • Remove the protective film from the back of the silicone sheet (Fig. 3) and stick
    the Scarban sheet to the scar (Fig. 4).


Tips for use

  • Scarban silicone sheets are only intended for use after complete wound closure.
  • Apply the Scarban silicone sheet to clean, non-greasy skin. Also, do not use greasy creams or oil, as this will reduce the sheet’s
    adhesive strength.
  • Scar recovery takes time. Please note that it can take up to
    6 months, or even longer, for a scar to mature and recover optimally.
  • Clean the Scarban silicone sheet daily. For example during your regular
    shower. This increases the sheet adhesive strength and, thus, its useful life.
  • Always keep your damaged skin out of the sun. Exposure to the sun can
    cause sunburn and permanent discolouration.
  • Scarban silicone sheets are safe and effective at both new as old scars!


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